pychubby also offers a simple Command Line Interface that exposes some of the functionality of the Python package.


After installation of pychubby an entry point pc becomes available.

To see the basic information write pc --help:


  Automated face warping tool.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  list     List available actions.
  perform  Take an action.

To perform actions one uses the perform subcommand. pc perform --help:

Usage: pc perform [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Take an action.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  Chubbify         Make a chubby face.
  LinearTransform  Linear transformation.
  OpenEyes         Open eyes.

The syntax for all actions is identical. The positional arguments are

  1. Input image path (required)
  2. Output image path (not required)

If the output image path is not provided the resulting image is simply going to be plotted.

All the options correspond to the keyword arguments of the constructor of the respective action classes in pychubby.actions module.

To give a specific example let us use the Smile action. To get info on the parameters write pc perform Smile --help:

Usage: pc perform Smile [OPTIONS] INP_IMG [OUT_IMG]

  Make a smiling face.

  --scale FLOAT
  --help         Show this message and exit.

In particular, one can then warp an image in the following fashion

pc perform Smile --scale 0.3 img_cousin.jpg img_cousin_smiling.jpg


The features that are unavailable via the CLI are the following:

  1. AbsoluteMove, Lambda and Pipeline actions
  2. Different actions for different people
  3. Lower level control

Specifically, if the user provides a photo with multiple faces the same action will be performed on all of them.