pychubby.visualization module

Collection of tools for visualization.

pychubby.visualization.create_animation(df, img, include_backwards=True, fps=24, n_seconds=2, figsize=(8, 8), repeat=True)

Create animation from a displacement field.

  • df (DisplacementField) – Instance of the DisplacementField representing the coordinate transformation.
  • img (np.ndarray) – Image.
  • include_backwards (bool) – If True, then animation also played backwards after its played forwards.
  • fps (int) – Frames per second.
  • n_seconds (int) – Number of seconds to play the animation forwards.
  • figsize (tuple) – Size of the figure.
  • repeat (bool) – If True, then animation always replayed at the end.

ani – Animation showing the transformation.

Return type:



To enable animation viewing in a jupyter notebook write: ` from matplotlib import rc rc('animation', html='html5') `